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In today’s industrial automation is becoming more common now, in production, to be without a well-made sight glasses.Stainless steel sight glass is installed on the piping or equipment can at any time to check the material within the monitoring work of a product.

Stainless steel sight glass is made from 304/316 304/316 / l etc give priority to material produced by sight glasses. It has high corrosion resistance, and easy processing, beautiful appearance.

Sight glasses at the same time use tempered borosilicate glass, polyethylene ptfe gasket. The stainless steel sight glass is suitable for most of the poor working environment. And a longer service life.

Stainless steel sight glass due to compact structure, its installation is simple, easy to use, and easy cleaning and maintenance, is the most commonly used an optical lens.

Which view mirror stainless steel equipment used in pressure vessel, chemical tower and other cylindrical device, and stainless steel pipe lens is suitable for chemical, oil, electric power line, etc.

Source: China Sight Glass Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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