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Stainless steel slip-on flange for tapping process matters needing attention

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Tapping the stainless steel slip-on flange, tapping oil selection is also very important. In order to prolong the service life of the screw tap, the progress of thread machining quality, should pay attention to the following points. Using special stainless steel tapping oil good effect, and can be used directly. In addition, also can use tapping oil and oil self configuration, but the ratio must be appropriate. Such as the lubrication effect of tapping oil is not good, the difference is tapping thread finish, and tap tapping resistance. Tapping oil must have good cooling, lubricating and rust proof function. As the cooling effect of tapping oil is not good, then tap easily stick teeth, namely the thread and the angle of surface bonding of stainless steel swarf.
Stainless steel flat welding flange application: piping system for oil and gas, chemical industry, hydropower, construction and boiler etc.. Slip-on flange forming basic process: according to the need, a circular ring shells can be cut into four 90 101 elbow or six 60 101 elbow or other specifications of the elbow and the technology application in manufacturing bend diameter and bend diameter ratio greater than 1.5 any specification of large elbow, is currently making the ideal method of large pressure elbow.

Slip-on flange less rigid, and is suitable for occasions of pressure P is less than or equal to 4 MPa; butt welded flange also known as high neck flange, rigidity, suitable for high pressure temperature of the occasion.

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