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1, due to the heating to guard against erosion between eyes, welding current shoulds not be too eve, 20% less than carbon steel electrode mercy, arc shoulds not be too long, interlayer cold quickly, with narrow bead advisable.
2, stainless steel stamping elbow sclerosing than eve after welding, convenient crack. If accepted with typical welded stainless steel stamping elbow, required preheat above 300 ℃ and 700 ℃ after welding at the mercy of slow cooling treatment. If cannot undertake the weldment heat treatment after welding, should choose stainless steel stamping elbow electrode.
3, stainless steel stamping elbow for the improved corrosion resistant function and weldability and appropriate add right amount invariance element Ti, Nb and Mo, weldability is stainless steel stamping elbow is better. Acceptance with typical chromium stainless steel electrode, should be above 200 ℃ preheat and at the mercy of 800 ℃ and tempering treatment after welding. If welding cannot be heat treatment, should choose chromium nickel stainless steel electrode.
4, stainless steel stamping elbow electrode has choiceness erosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil, medicine, machinery manufacturing.
5, stainless steel stamping elbow coated with titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type. Titanium calcium type can be used for ac/dc, but when the ac welding penetration, and red, so the general acceptance of dc power supply.
6, stainless steel stamping elbow has must be corrosion resistant (oxidizing acid, organic acids, cavitation), heat-resisting and wear-resisting function. Who used for power station equipment decoration material, chemical, oil and other Settings. Stainless steel stamping elbow poor weldability, should be aware of before welding, heat treatment of speaking of choose suitable welding electrode.
7, electrode manipulation should link when dry, titanium calcium type should be 1 hour after 150 ℃ drying, low hydrogen type should be 1 hour after the 200-250 ℃ drying (cannot be repeated many times to dry, or coated convenient cracking flake), beware of covering viscous oil and dirt, so as not to cause weld added carbon content and affect the quality of weldment.

8, stainless steel stamping elbow, when welding the carbide precipitation by repeated heating, lower resistance to erosion and mechanical function.

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