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What is a stainless steel stub end?

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Stainless steel stub end is the method of stamping the edge or hole edge of a semifinished product or semi-finished product into a vertical edge along a certain curve. When the edge of the line is a straight line, the flanging deformation becomes curved, so it can be said that bending is a special form of flanging. In addition, according to whether the wall thickness of the vertical edge is thinned, it can be divided into thinned flanging and invariable thin flanging. According to the shape of the blank and the edge of the workpiece, it can be divided into inner hole (round hole or non circular hole), flanging, flat outer edge flanging and curved flanging. But when bending, the deformation of the blank is limited to the fillet part of the curved curve, while the flanging part and the edge part of the blank are deformed areas, so the flanging deformation is more complicated than the bending deformation.

According to the nature of deformation, flanging can be divided into extension type, flanging and compression type flanging. The common characteristics of stretch flanging is the tangential stress to tensile deformation in cutting under the effect of elongation, ultimate deformation degree is mainly affected by the deformation zone cracking limit compression flanging is common, except near the metal area near the root radius of the vertical side bending deformation, produces shear compression deformation to the rest of the deformation region of the stress to the pressure in the cutting effect, its deformation characteristics belong to compression deformation, stress state and deformation characteristics and drawing the same ultimate deformation degree is mainly affected by the deformation wrinkling limit flanging are compression flanging.

Flanging method can process more complicated shape and good stiffness of three-dimensional parts, in stamping production and other assembly parts, such as vehicle bus, bus door pedal pressure plate flanging iron flanging, automobile door, motorcycle fuel tank, flanging hole flanging metal plate small screw hole flanging. Flanging can replace the drawing process of some complicated parts and improve the plastic flow of material so as not to break or wrinkle. In order to reduce the number of processing and save material, the method of replacing the first drawing and the later cutting is adopted.

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