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Stamping forming and distribution characteristics of reducer

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Using steel as raw material to produce the reducer, the part of the specifications of the reducer can also be used steel plate stamping forming technology is adopted to improve the production. Drawing die shapes used by reference to reducing tube surface size design, use after blanking punching die, stamping steel stretch forming.
The characteristics of stress distribution
(1) Under the action of the internal pressure, concentric reducer‘s size of terminal area pressure difference bending moments produced will cause to relatively open end, the small end of the relative shrinkage phenomenon.;
(2) the internal pressure under the action of eccentric reducer in central eccentric side inside the big end surface and eccentric side to the outer ring stress is the largest.
The use of eccentric reducer
When water absorption, water absorption section of the reduced pressure, gas will isolate was dissolved in the water, if the use is concentric reducer, these gases not discharge in time, will accumulate jams in the bumps, forming gas resistance. Pump will appear noise and carrying capacity drops greatly. If using eccentric reducer, isolate the gas discharge in time, will not form a vapor lock.
When reducing pipe diameter itself is not big, before and after the diameter difference is not big, with concentric reducer, possible gas resistance phenomenon is not so obvious, self-priming in the process of suction pressure change is not so big, so there was no harm.
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