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Style R – Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets By

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Style R - Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets By

Style R Ring joint gaskets are manufactured in accordance with both API 6A and ASME B16.20 size and ratings. Available in both oval and octagonal configurations, both types are interchangeable on modern octagonal type grooved flanges. Style R Ring Joint Gaskets can be manufactured in accordance with all relevant standards to suit the following flange designations: API-6A, ASME/ANSI B16.5, MSS SP44 (ASME B 16.47 Series A) & BS1560.

Type R - Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets By

Tolerances (mm) Of Style R – Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets:

Width of Ring — +/- 0.2;

Height of Ring — +/- 0.4;

Pitch Diameter — +/- 0.18;

(Octagonal) Angle of 23o — +/- 0.5o

Style R – Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets Selection Chart

ASME B16.5 API 6B ASME B16.47 Series A
150# 300# – 600# 900# 1500# 2500# 720# – 960# (1) 2000# 3000# 5000# 10000# 150# 300# – 600# 900#
½” R-11 R-12 R-12 R-13
¾” R-13 R-14 R-14 R-16
1” R-15 R-16 R-16 R-16 R-18 R-16 R-16 R-16 R-16 R-82
1 ¼” R-17 R-18 R-18 R-18 R-21 R-18 R-18 R-18 R-18
1 ½” R-19 R-20 R-20 R-20 R-23 R-20 R-20 R-20 R-20 R-84
2” R-22 R-23 R-24 R-24 R-26 R-23 R-23 R-23 R-24 R-85
2 ½” R-25 R-26 R-27 R-27 R-28 R-26 R-26 R-26 R-27 R-86
3” R-29 R-31 R-31 R-35 R-32 R-31 R-31 R-31 R-35 R-87
3 ½” R-33 R-34 R-37 R-89
4” R-36 R-37 R-37 R-39 R-38 R-37 R-37 R-37 R-39 R-88
5” R-40 R-41 R-41 R-44 R-42 R-41 R-41 R-41 R-44 R-90
6” R-43 R-45 R-45 R-46 R-47 R-45 R-45 R-45 R-46
8” R-48 R-49 R-49 R-50 R-51 R-49 R-49 R-49 R-50
10” R-52 R-53 R-53 R-54 R-55 R-53 R-53 R-53 R-54 R-91
12” R-56 R-57 R-57 R-58 R-60 R-57 R-57 R-57 R-57 R-57
14” R-59 R-61 R-62 R-63 R-61 R-61 R-61 R-61 R-62
16” R-64 R-65 R-66 R-67 R-65 R-65 R-65 R-65 R-66
18” R-68 R-69 R-70 R-71 R-69 R-69 R-69 R-69 R-70
20” R-72 R-73 R-74 R-75 R-73 R-73 R-73 R-73 R-74
22” R-80 R-81
24” R-76 R-77 R-78 R-79 R-77 R-78
26” R-93 R-100
28” R-94 R-101
30” R-95 R-102
32” R-96 R-103
34” R-97 R-104
36” R-98 R-105
Notes: (1) – Class 720, 960, 10000 and 2900 flanges to API 6B are obselete. Data is for informational purposes only.
(2) – R-30 is for lapped joint only.

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