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Super Ferritic Stainless Steel By

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Super Ferritic Stainless Steel By

Super ferritic Stainless Steel has a structure and properties similar to the common ferritic alloys, but they contain enhanced levels of chromium and molybdenum to increase their resistance to high temperature and corrosive environments such as seawater.

Stainless Steel – Superferritic
(UNS Designation)
End Use Composition
nominal wt%
Specifications Density
lb/in3 (g/cm3)
Tensile Strength
ksi. (MPa)
0.2%Yield Strength
ksi. (MPa)
ation %
Welded stainless steel tubing used in seawater and other applications requiring extreme resistance to chloride pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking C 0.03 max,
Mn 1.0 max,
P 0.04 max,
S 0.03 max,
Si 1.0 max,
Cr 28.0-30.0,
Ni 1.0 max,
Mo 3.6-4.2,
N 0.045 max,
(Ti+Cb) 0.2-1.0,
(Ti+Cb) 6x(C+N) min,
Fe Balance
ASTM A240 0.277
80 min
(550 min)
60 min
(415 min)
18 min 25 Rockwell C max
Solenoid valves, Pressure vessels, Coker components, Heat exchanger stainless steel tubing, Air preheaters, Heat recuperators C 0.01 max,
Mn 0.4 max,
Si 0.4 max,
Cr 25.0-27.5,
Ni 0.5 max,
Mo 0.75-1.5,
N 0.015 max,
Cu 0.2 max,
Cb 0.05-0.2,
(Ni+Cu) 0.5 max,
Fe Balance
ASTM A-240 ASME SA-240 0.280
65 min
(450 min)
40 min
(275 min)
22 min

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