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Surface protection of stainless steel elbow

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The surface of the stainless steel elbow protection:
1. Stainless steel elbow with barrel, after to clear in time of weld, the heat affected zone and the surrounding the welding slag, spatter, pollutants, and the examination of the PT and surface pickling.
2. Avoid knock against scratches on the surface of the stainless steel elbow.
3. Avoid direct contact with carbon steel, avoid iron contamination.
4. Not in open air, prevent the rain.
5. Avoid compound. Structure design to prevent constraint stress. Stainless steel pickling can’t use the restore acid such as hydrochloric acid. Stainless steel head is a part of the container, according to the geometry of the different can be divided into spherical or oval, disc, ball crown type, conical shell cover and so on several kinds of peace, the spherical or oval, disc, ball crown type elbow type is referred to as convex head. Used in all kinds of container equipment, such as storage tank, heat exchanger, tower, reaction kettle, boiler and separation equipment, etc.
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