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The 304 stainless steel angle bar What are the precautions when cleaning?

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The 304 stainless steel angle bar What are the precautions when cleaning? Care must be taken not to scratch the surface of the phenomenon occurs when cleaning the surface of stainless steel angle bar, and avoid the use of abrasive-containing bleach component washing liquid, steel balls, grinding tools, the washing liquid is removed, at the end of the washing surface to use clean water rinse.
Stainless steel angle bar surface dust and dirt easily in addition to objects, with soap, weak detergent or washing with warm water. Trademark stainless steel surface, the film, with warm water, detergent to wash the weak adhesive composition, use of alcohol or an organic solvent (ether, benzene) scrub. Stainless steel surface oil, oil, oil pollution, after using a soft cloth to wipe clean with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or cleaning with special detergents.
Stainless steel surface adhesion bleach and various acids, should immediately wash with water and then ammonia solution or neutral aqueous immersion carbonated soda, rinse with warm water or a neutral detergent. Stainless steel surface a rainbow pattern, generally leads to excessive use of detergents or oil, wash with warm water and neutral detergent can be washed away. Stainless steel surface rust caused by dirt, 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent washing, washing can also be washed with a special medicine.
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