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Now stainless steel elbow in general, and as most of the carbon steel elbow is also pushing production system, though the production rate and quality of elbow push system has a good guarantee, but also there will be problems, but cold press will solve many problems. Today, Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited share with you about some of the advantages of cold pressing stainless steel elbow.
(1) cold bend of stainless steel products of good quality and beautiful shape, Angle of internal and external GuanBi surface smooth and complete, no defects such as wrinkle and duck mouth.
(2) cold bending Angle and bending radius of the stainless steel elbow is accurate.
(3) the cold pressing of stainless steel elbow pipe wall thinning of the small dish, uniform wall thickness changes.
(4) the stamping elbow small curvature radius, small machining allowance. The material economy, greatly saves the expensive stainless steel pipe. At the same time, the cold pressing of stainless steel elbow
With working hours is a lot less than others, so the production cost greatly reduced.
(5) good concentricity, smaller ovality. Good use inside and outside is milled, and to track positioning, therefore its concentricity

23 5-82 standard according to GB J: pipe bend after thinning allows for a 12.5%. The cold pressing of stainless steel elbow thinning amount for a 5 to 8%, and internal and external wall thickness change is uniform, The sand filling method flame burn bending method of elbow cylindrical wall thinning amount between a 10% to 10%.

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