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The Application and advantage of butt welding pipe fittings

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The application of butt welding pipe fittings:
 butt welding joint steel elbows
The butt welding pipe fitting end is connected to the end of pipes or fittings by butt welding joint, it could be connected to weld neck flange too. The diameter and thickness of the pipes and fittings ends should be in same size and schedule and material. The butt welding joint cound be installed by manual or machine welding and inspected after welding.The following picture is a butt welding joints of  a steel pipe , a steel tee and a weld neck flange in yaang factory for pre-fabrication.
weld flange flange pipe and tee butt welding joint
Butt welding pipe fittings commonly are used for pipe joints which are not changed and assembled. For example,    underground piping systems, long distance pipelines.
hot induction bend butt welded to pipeline underground
The advantage of butt welding pipe fittings:
pipe bevel end for butt welding
Comparing to other type of steel pipe fittings products, butt welding pipe fittings has advantages:
1.Butt welding joint is permanently leakproof and strong.
2.Continuous steel structure of the joints between the pipes and fittings have a good strength in the piping system.
3.The butt welding pipe fittings commonly have a smooth surface and gradual directional changes, it will decrease the pressure losses and turblence of the system, and protect from the corrosion and erosion.
4.The butt welding pipe fittings have a lower cost in bugdet.
5.The butt welding joints have a smaller space in the system.
steel pipe and tee butt weding connection
Yaang can supply the butt welding pipe fittings, forged pipe fitting, steel pipe and flange products as per standard and clients’ requirements.Our butt welding pipe fittings are used in various industry projects because of their advantages. Welcome to contact us ( for further information about butt welding pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings, steel pipe, flange product.
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