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The application range of the stainless steel reducer

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The application range of the stainless steel reducer:
A, mine, the application of the coal industry
(1) mine: mining, ore concentrate and tailings filling transported to tube wear serious, using kuangfen pipelines such as panzhihua, daye mine service life is less than a year, to increase the tube can make the life.
(2) coal: coal preparation and long distance pipeline of wet method widely used coal conveying, requires the duct is wear resistant and corrosion resistant, using the tube can be used as a long duct, considerable economic benefit.
The application of the two, metallurgy, electric power industry
Conveying of pulverized coal, metallurgy, electric power industry ash, mud and lime gypsum slurry every year to spend a lot of metal pipe. By using ceramic pipe to replace other pipe has high wear resistance, long service life, easy installation, the economic benefit is remarkable characteristic.
The concentric reducer arc length calculation method
Launches the arc length calculation methods of stainless steel concentric reducer topic related data in combination with our company for stainless steel reducer (stainless steel eccentric reducer, stainless steel concentric reducer, size of the stainless steel reducer), arc length calculation method of stainless steel concentric reducer carried out by the subject has its own unique insights, here are our views on the subject of his own point, the hope can help you. Stainless steel concentric reducer, a big head radius for R1, capitulum radius R2, high for H, these three data on the sheet metal drawing is known. For the convenience of calculation, a big circular arc radius for RD, an Angle for alpha, small head of the radius of the circular arc for RX, (R1, R2) = Δ (R), L size for the length of the lateral projection.
(RD – RX) = L = [(H) ^ 2 + (Δ R ^ 2) ^ (0.5)
RD = (R1 * L) present Δ (R),
RX = (R2 * L) present Δ (R),

An Angle for alpha = [180 x (Δ R)] present (L (PI), unit is degree.

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