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The application scope of butt welding flange

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Butt welding flange refers to with a neck and a circular tube transition and pipe butt welding flange. Butt welding flange is not easy to deformation, good sealing, wide application, suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations of pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipes, advantage is that the price is cheaper, nominal pressure no more than 2.5 MPa; Also used to transport is expensive, inflammable, explosive medium pipeline, nominal pressure around PN16MPa. Butt welding flange connection is convenient to use, can withstand greater pressure. The butt welding flange’s gasket material according to the different levels of pressure is different also. From low asbestos mat, high pressure pads to metal pads.

Butt welding flange widely used in machinery industry. Butt welding flange of the wide range of USES, use according to the characteristics of different, more than in the mild conditions of medium, such as suit low circulating water, the purification of compressed air, and it has the advantage of the price is cheaper.

The application range of the butt welding flange:

1, the extension of artifacts: for example, wire rod, steel, strip steel, profile steel, boiler steel pipe, oil and gas pipe butt welding.

2, the ring artifacts of butt welding, such as car rim and bicycle, motorcycle rims of butt welding, butt welding of various link, etc.

The compound 3, parts: simple rolling, forging, stamping or machined parts butt into complex parts, in order to reduce costs. Such as car direction shaft housing and rear axle shell butt welding, butt welding of various connecting rod, rod, as well as special parts of butt welding, etc.

4, the butt welding of dissimilar metal: can save precious metals, improve product performance. Such as work part of the tool (HSS) and tail (medium carbon steel butt welding, internal combustion engine exhaust valve head (heat resistant steel) and tail (steel) butt welding, butt welding of aluminum copper conductive coupling, etc.

Butt welding flange main application environment is appropriate, need to be determined according to the specific situation, to ensure the specific use of butt welding flange value and performance, withstand high temperature and high pressure. Butt welding flange is suitable for the nominal pressure of not more than 2.5 MPa steel pipe connection.

Butt welding flange’s sealing surface can be made into smooth type, concave and convex type and mortise type 3 kinds. Smooth type butt welding flanges are the biggest, the other two ways of butt welding flange in use is also common.

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