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Many stainless steel flange type now used. Integral stainless steel flange and the container or pipe it is often a whole. Looper stainless steel flanges just loose tube flange or flange soil, so called free stainless steel flanges. Looper stainless steel flanges straight search Chou said not connected to the container or takeover. This connection method can not reach the same intensity integral connection. Looper stainless steel flanges for small-sized more occasions. In order to save the whole stainless steel to stainless steel flange for improper use of non-ferrous metals “such as aluminum, nausea, etc.) 10 metal” under plastic, inside porcelain) occasions, Looper stainless steel flange has relatively extensive use of. In any form, also known as any love in the form of stainless steel flange stainless steel flange. Stainless steel circular flange machined groove, set in the English or other components. Then then the two are welded together. The forces between its overall stainless steel flange and stainless steel flange Looper general, overall resistance than stainless steel flanges, stainless steel flanges but stronger than the word sets.
Forging flange product is a product in the best mechanical properties, its raw material is generally tube, and then again after the cutting for continuous beat, in order to eliminate the ingot segregation, porosity and other defects. Prices and mechanical properties than conventional cast flange high a grade. Tube and pipe flanges are so interconnected parts and valves connected to the pipe end; also useful for equipment import and export on the flange for connection between the two devices is to make pipes and tubes of interconnected parts, connected the pipe end. A pipeline accessories product. Forging flange main materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. The main standards GB, electricity standard, American Standard, the German standard, Japanese standard and so on. The main anti-corrosion treatment have oiled and galvanized. Forging flange pressure, temperature performance is better, generally applicable to high pressure and temperature of the working environment.
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