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The causes of cracks in the 304 stainless steel pipe in the processing

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304 stainless steel pipe is a more common type of stainless steel materials, many of the processing plant, 304 stainless steel pipe may occur in the process of machining line crack, scarring, surface defects such as inclusions, and scarring, these defects is roughly due to slab outer arc Angle of subcutaneous appeared transverse crack, there are tiny impurities mixed with in the crystallizer, finishing clean up without oxidation residue on the surface of the stainless steel pipe, as well as in the rolling process due to slab edges to the stainless steel pipe surface caused by the cartwheel.
These defects not only lower the quality of the surface of the stainless steel pipe, also had an impact to the ascension of the quality of the product, so do a good job in prevention and treatment of 304 stainless steel pipe surface defects is very important.
304 stainless steel pipe billet surface deep scratches because the roll fan-shaped section of the local rotation, in order to prevent this happening, to timely maintenance in the fan section, it is strictly prohibited equipment over age. If the crystallizer with tiny impurities mixed with can cause the change of water quality, so to regularly check for water samples of mold. Reduce the weakening of stainless steel plate edge crack width to the extent and inhomogeneous deformation of wide plate rolling edge, reduce the amount of bandwidth when rolling steel plate is the best method, that is to say as far as possible with the wide end face slab width of steel plate production.
Prevent 304 stainless steel pipe in the process of bending of the slab corner into the brittleness temperature zone, so for different width of face slab corner for dynamic temperature control, control and implementation of bending section with water area. Reduce the uneven deformation of rolled piece in will reduce the rolled piece on the difference of deformation resistance below, optimize the billet reheating process, reduce the slab surface temperature difference. Prevent the depth of the local burn mark and clear clean after finishing the secondary defects such as slab surface oxidation slag, through improve the slab sizing ability of 304 stainless steel pipe.
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