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Pipe flange in the interface methods and the pipe can be divided into five basic types: flat welding flange, welded flange, threaded flange, bearing socket weld flange, loose flange.
– Pipe flange
Steel flat welding pipe flange: practical to nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5MPa carbon steel pipeline connection. Flat welding pipe flange sealing surface can be made of lubrication, bump and tenon slot. Lubrication flat welding flange using the largest amount. For media, the premise under the tense situation compared, such as low non clean compressed air, low pressure circulating water and its strengths is a relatively low price
– welding pipe flange
Welded pipe flange: for the flange and pipe butt welding, the utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, shake the strength and stiffness of a larger, and can withstand low temperature high pressure and repeated twists and turns and temperature, sealing reliability. Nominal pressure is 0.25 ~ 2.5MPa welded flange take bump type sealing surface
– Socket weld flange
Socket weld flange: commonly used in PN10.0MPa, DN40 pipe
– loose flange (commonly known as loose flange)
Loose flange butt welding: commonly used in medium temperature and pressure are not high and medium strong corrosive condition. When the corrosion medium of strong, the flange contact with the medium (flange short section) local resistance to the corruption of the first grade materials such as stainless steel, etc., while the internal application low grade materials such as carbon steel flange ring clamp it to complete sealing

Often the flange and equipment, pipe, fitting and valve are made into a whole, this type of equipment and valves used in.

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