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The classification of elbows with different materials

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According to the different materials, the elbow can be divided into: stainless steel elbow, alloy steel elbow and carbon steel elbow. Stainless steel elbow matrix classification can be divided into: austenitic iron ferritic (duplex) type stainless steel substrate, precipitation hardening stainless steel matrix, ferrite type stainless steel matrix, austenitic stainless steel matrix and martensite stainless steel 45 DEG stainless steel substrate.
The steel elbow of the alloy steel is used in the special position. Stainless steel elbow is different from carbon steel elbow is the main material of different materials, the chemical composition will keep the elbow for a long time will not rust, is not easy to be corroded. Carbon steel elbow is cheap, the use of large. Stainless steel, stainless steel, corrosion resistance as the main characteristics, and the chromium content of at least 10.5%, the maximum carbon content of not more than 1.2% of the steel.
Austenitic iron ferrite (dual phase) type stainless steel substrate both austenite and ferrite ferrite two-phase structure (including the content is less than 15% of the general), magnetic, by cold working the enhancing of the stainless steel.
The precipitation hardening type stainless steel matrix is an austenite or martensite structure, and can be processed by precipitation hardening (also known as aging hardening) to make the hard (strong) stainless steel.
Ferritic stainless steel matrix with body centered cubic crystal structure of the ferrite (alpha phase), magnetic, generally can not be hardened by heat treatment, but the cold processing can make it slightly strengthened stainless steel.
Austenitic stainless steel matrix to the surface of the cube structure of the austenitic structure (gamma phase) based, non magnetic, mainly through the cold processing to strengthen its (and may lead to a certain magnetic) stainless steel.
Martensitic stainless steel matrix is a martensitic structure, there are magnetic, through the heat treatment can adjust the mechanical properties of stainless steel.
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