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The concept and types of stainless steel lap joint stub end

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Stainless steel lap joint stub end is based on die, the blank of a plane or a curved surface part, along the edge of the curve form curves must turn up erect, forming process of straight edge, belongs to a kind of stamping process.
There are many kinds of Stainless steel lap joint stub end:
According to the properties of Stainless steel lap joint stub end deformation, can be divided into “flanging elongation type” and “type of compression flange”;
According to whether there is a wall thickness Stainless steel lap joint stub end thickness changes, can be divided into “thinning flanging” and “thin flange”;
Stainless steel lap joint stub end according to the flanging blank and the workpiece edge shape can be divided into inner hole (circular or non-circular hole) flanging, the outer edge of the plane flanging and curved flanging process.
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