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The difference between bend and elbow

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Bend and elbow the biggest difference is that one is the head, one is the tube. Although this is so, but they are two in the manufacturing process there is a big difference. The most essential difference is that bend is slightly longer than elbow, R=1-2 times is the elbow, and then the big is bend. Manufacturing process on the cold bend will be relative to some simple, you can use the ready-made straight pipe bending, one step can be completed, it does not require the two anti-corrosion. But elbow production is required in accordance with the size of the custom, but also need to do anti-corrosion, long delivery period is relatively long. In the price, bend than elbow to high, then the price will be greater than the bend. But because of the price advantage, bend in the use of the process, compared to some of the more.
National west east gas transmission project is the use of 1016*17.5 pipe, elbow used in the position of greater than eleven degrees, less than eleven degrees angle with the bend. Of course, the cost of bend is low. If the cost is to consider a simple elbow, hot bending, cold bend can, so the cost is high elbow. However, be sure to use the elbow in a narrow area in the trench stonework section, the elbow curvature radius is small, mostly 6D, but bend 40D.
Elbow is the most notable feature is clean and sanitary, high temperature resistance, anti ultraviolet performance is strong, is a kind of new material with high added value. In which the inner wall of the stamping elbow pipe is smooth, the heat flux is small, and the resistance to acid and alkali, so the service life is long, and it is easy to install. The thermal conductivity of elbow is applied to the floor heating. This kind of pipe is generally required for thermal conductivity and low temperature impact resistance. So that the pipe is not easy to meet the impact of low temperature caused by the rupture of the pipe, but also do not pollute the environment, can be recycled. If you can not be recycled will produce two pollution of the environment.
Stamping elbow has a very good long-term pressure performance, only in this regard, the strongest elbow. However, in the influence of various factors, the wall of the pipe floor heating tube is generally two mm thick. This wall thickness requires all pipes to be able to meet, which is difficult to reflect the advantages of bend.
Now the general characteristics of the pipe is: carry a strong impact on the performance of strong, smooth surface, long life: in the high temperature or low temperature can have a more prominent softness;
Now, the application of bend and elbow is very extensive, so we need to continue to make technology innovation and continuous improvement to meet the needs of consumers.
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