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Stainless steel flange though a connection parts of a class is relatively small, but its role is immeasurable, pipeline engineering overall form without stainless steel flange play a powerful role. Stainless steel flange and stainless steel gasket for use in resistance to the increase in pressure effect is better. Material made of stainless steel gasket can also have a lot of modelling, some similar to the lens, also have a plenty of some irregular shape, the following will answer it for you stainless steel flange in some professional technical performance guarantee.
First, the stainless steel flange connection is convenient
Use made of stainless steel flange parts when the connection is the best choice is the way of welding. Here we call this kind of welding way plane welding, this is a kind of flange welding method is used, because it is flat so the operation is simple, as long as the two pieces of the flange alignment port for welding. For stainless steel flange welding, just have to make sure the pressure is less than, or equal to two point five mpa, within the scope of the pressure type using the carbon steel pipe connection is ok.
Second, multiple connection methods all can use
The method of flat welding flange diversity, there are three main kinds of methods, they are smooth and flat, with concave and convex rolling plane, there is a mortise table plane, of course is the three welding sealing quality. The most used stainless steel flange welding method, is called a smooth surface of qingtian special welding way, it is also one of the most common in the middle of the pipeline engineering.
Third, no matter what the environment can be used welding approach
Pipeline engineering will face a variety of environmental characteristics, so the flange welding will need to adapt to the environment, whether mild or disasters. Generally to the places where environment is moderate, can use plane welding way. In such an environment of a number of factors can be stable, so is suitable for the welding of stainless steel flange.

Smaller and there is no experience especially the pressure of air environment, the pressure is also a small circulation of water environment is also suitable for use. The welding of stainless steel flange on the price also is very easy to accept. Price advantage is to choose a very important reason of such a mode of welding, it also can reduce the cost of the project, the cost control in the lower position.

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