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In the production of large flange, there were many elements affect the function of large flange, let’s say the rare several elements, the beginning is the annealing temperature, annealing temperature for the primer and template joint at the temperature of the parameter, when 50% of primers and complementary sequence is expressed as the temperature of the double-stranded DNA molecule, it is the main factor affecting the PCR specificity compared. In the form of fantasy, the annealing temperature is low enough, to guaranteeing primers with invalid annealing target sequence, but also high enough, in order to increase nonspecific joint. Proper annealing temperature from 55 ℃ to 70 ℃. Annealing temperature normal setting is lower than 5 ℃) than primers of Tm annealing temperature can reach the required temperature. Large flange disposal common is to use solid solution heat treatment, namely people usually called “annealing”, the scale of temperature for 1040 ~ 1040 ℃ (Japan standard). You can also see hole sees after annealing furnace, annealing the large flange should be incandescent forms, but no present hardening prolapse.
Second is to maintain the pressure of gas, in order to avoid presents the micro leakage, gas furnace maintenance shall be surely positive pressure, if be hydrogen gas maintenance, regular requests for more than 20 kbar. Annealing atmosphere: more than ordinary pure hydrogen is taken as the annealing atmosphere, atmosphere best is more than 99.99% purity, if another local is inert gas in the atmosphere, also can lower purity, but relatively means less containing too much oxygen and water vapor.

Followed by furnace sealing (shell with steel plate and steel welded together, car by steel and steel plate welding, car after contact with the lining of the soft and sand sealing mechanism to increase the thermal radiation and convection loss, invalid guaranteeing furnace sealing.) , bright annealing furnace should be blocked, with the surrounding air partition; Take hydrogen for maintenance, as long as a vent is (used to extinguish discharge of hydrogen). Reflection method can use rain-water water in each joint crack of annealing furnace, see if I can run gas; It the most easily run gas is in the middle of the annealing furnace into the middle of the steel pipe and out in the middle of the steel pipe, the special easily in the center of the sealing ring wear, often of self-reflection and often change.

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