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Stamping stainless steel flange and depends upon both the fast change effects of passivation process, and also in stainless steel pipe bending the tail information itself, the influence of the detailed elements no stamping stainless steel flange Lou yuan meat and metallographic structure of stainless steel, stainless steel reduced operating condition, etc.
The process feature is fat slab has the central must, dispel continuous casting slab core must analysis the fat into the step progress stainless steel punching bending the tail pipe quantity to quality the key technical problem solving. All stainless steel stamping flange machine, such as plating or the rest of the coatings are for, in general it is beforehand disposal (including pickling to black skin, throwing light, etc.) through the passivation disposal, ability of the scrap application or remove the failure parts. Passivation can progress stamping stainless steel flanges outside the environment of thermal stability, prevent stamping stainless steel flange part of the corruption, the stainless steel punching bending the tail in the existence of foot enough clean degree and borrow to rule out without rust steel stamping flange surface warm farmers oxide reduction.
Stainless steel flange matters needing attention are as follows: long stored stainless steel flange, should be timely check, often appear the processing surface should be clean, remove dirt, neatly stored in a dry indoor drafty, piled up or in open air shall be strictly prohibited. Stainless steel flange ball valve, cut-off valve, gate valve, when used only for full open or full close, do not allow for regulating flow, lest sealing surface erosion, accelerated wear and tear. Gate and thread on the globe valve with pour sealing device, hand wheel spin to the surface of the upper head for a long time will not rust, won’t corrode. Often keep dry and drafty stainless steel flanges, keep clean and tidy, deposit deposit according to the accurate method.

Stainless steel flanges installation, can press the stainless steel flanges connection device in pipeline directly, carried out in accordance with the use of the location of the installation. In general, can be installed on the pipeline at any position, but need to test for easy manipulation, pay attention to the flow direction of medium by the stainless steel flange should be high, the longitudinal disc below stainless steel flange can only be installed horizontally. Stainless steel flange should pay attention to when installing sealing to prevent leakage phenomenon, on the affect the normal operation of the pipeline. Stainless steel flange have important roles in installation and value, in a certain environment and the use of good operating medium.

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