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The four characteristics analysis of carbon steel butt welding flange

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Carbon steel butt welding flange is not easy deformation, good sealing, widely used for in pipeline pressure or temperature fluctuations in the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature, the advantage of cheaper prices and heat-resistant performance good we all know when working temperature of 75 degrees, the softening temperature of 135 degrees. Nominal pressure is not more than 2.5MPa; also used to transport the price is expensive, flammable, explosive medium pipeline, nominal pressure at PN16MPa or so. Carbon steel butt welding flange can in different areas and industries play an important role and value, can according to a certain way and numbering method, according to certain standards of production and use, to ensure to their in the use of the important role and contribution.
The four major characteristics of carbon steel butt welding flange:
1. Good insulation: carbon steel butt welding flange because of the low thermal conductivity of materials, 20 degrees Celsius heat conduction coefficient for 0.21-0.24W/mk, ratio of the steel tube, ultraviolet tube is much smaller, so the PP-R pipe insulation is good.
2. high impact: carbon steel butt welding flange because unique impact strength performance than other solid wall pipe have improved significantly, stiffness commensurate to 1.3 times the solid wall.
3. Long life: carbon steel butt welding flange pipe under the rated operating temperature and pressure, with anti – ultraviolet radiation, anti radiation.
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