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The good prospect of seamless steel pipe industry

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Seamless steel pipe industry maintained a strong momentum of development, is an important material of national economic development. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of economy, it is widely used in petroleum, electricity, chemical industry, coal, machinery, military industry, aerospace and other industries, the countries all over the world, especially developed countries attaches great importance to seamless steel pipe production and trade.
China’s economic growth impetus to the development of the seamless steel tube industry. From the perspective of international experience, rapid growth is not the product of all industries balanced growth, but driven by a few of the rapid growth of leading industry. Different periods of leading industry, leading industry to promote the transformation of the sustained and rapid economic growth. From the perspective of domestic experience: in the 80 s dominant industry, light industry, textile industry, etc.; In the 90 s, the leading industry is the foundation of industry and infrastructure, a new generation of household appliance, real estate, etc.; After 1997, due to the leading industry there “pause” situation, the economic slowdown. This situation finally change until 2002, a new batch of leading industries to the surface. Leading is residential, automotive, electronics, communication and urban infrastructure construction industry leaders of these are the final product properties. Among these pilot industry produced some investment industry, mainly iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, chemical materials and equipment industry. The above two aspects, also caused the electric power, coal, oil and other energy industry and ports, railways, highways and other transportation industry growth. Is the industry’s rapid growth has been driving the market demand of the seamless steel pipe, promote the rapid development of the seamless steel pipe industry.
Seamless steel pipe industry and the sustainable and rapid development of domestic seamless steel tube market is currently in consumption growth opportunity. Consumption of domestic seamless steel tube will maintain rapid growth, the development of domestic seamless steel tube provides a favorable opportunity. One is the energy, transportation, petrochemical pipeline needs not reduce, high-performance varieties of rapid growth. The seamless steel tube in the energy, transportation, construction and maintenance of petrochemical facilities still occupied the position of steel market is very important. In recent years, the rapid increase of the demand for high performance and new varieties, such as high performance oil well pipe, large diameter power plant boiler pipe, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance of petrochemical pipe and stainless steel tube, etc. Two, oil, natural gas, refined products, coal slurry, coal slurry pipeline fluid such as pipeline, especially for the demand of the high strength pipeline will rise sharply. Three is the construction rapid growth, high grade space grid tube construction demand rapid growth. Fourth, to the increasing demand for high technical content of steel pipe. Automotive, home appliances, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing industries such as the demand of the seamless steel pipe, variety and quality requirement enhances unceasingly, all kinds of seamless steel tube is to develop in the direction of high technology.
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