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The installation of special stainless steel pipe fittings

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From time to time in different special stainless steel pipe fittings installed will be the actual value compared with the theoretical value and pay attention to the deviation. Special stainless steel pipe fittings, for example, is generally can’t adjust the size of the deviation, balance only by the installation of pipes. At the same time for the part of the pipe hanger and installation location, for example. Need to tilt the installation position to pay attention.
According to design of pipeline implementation of cold drawn prestressed data. Before cold drawn, the piping should be as far as possible in the condition of no additional stress. This can be from all stages of the installation process of cross plane measurement data of the comparison to judge.
The installation work of the whole stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe insulation is completed, under the conditions of not loosen the spring hanger pipe measuring its actual location. Measure hanger loose again later. To check the position indicated by the constant force spring hanger, it should be consistent with the prescribed cold position. To make cold and hot state position respectively. If piping position, weight, balance and the location of the pipe hanger large deviation occurs, it is necessary to use the measured value of the whole piping system to calculate again. To determine whether to allow a larger deviation, advice when necessary in the installation phase review for the piping system is calculated.
Before put into trial shipment is to be a pipe running under the weight of cold measurement, running hot and cold start-up after the measurement. The piping of the cold, hot and cold compared with the theoretical value, the location of the measurement data for analysis of piping system state. Which can be derived under basic load condition, for high stress and complicated components, stress and strain measurements made at the same time, in order to calculate the relay, connection moment and cause of the size of the stress.

After a long interval for piping location survey, to provide whether displacement took place in the piping system.

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