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The matters that should be decided by the design personnel of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Stainless steel pipe fittings design:

Stainless steel pipe fittings design personnel should decide the matter is very much, and every problem needs to be rich

Knowledge and experience, in the full study to make decisions one by one. Items should be determined to have:
stainless steel pipe material;
Diameter of stainless steel pipe;
Wall thickness of stainless steel pipe;
The stainless steel pipe installation in what position, drawn from what place,
The stainless steel piping layout and arrangement;
The branch of the stainless steel pipe and confluence practices;
The form and position of stainless steel pipe joint,
The position and form of support bracket,
We use specifications and types of valves, the installation position,
The lubrication and hydraulic control system, the practice of stainless steel pipe fittings;
stainless steel pipe thermal expansion compensation,
Cold insulation and heat insulation practices;
Drainage and gas practice,
The liner.
To determine the above matters, and then according to the stainless steel pipe flow chart, the actual design of the stainless steel pipe fittings.
Conditions to meet the requirements of the decision
Meet the conditions of use;
Meet the requirements of the current standards, codes and procedures;
Meet the performance of the device;
The operation is convenient, no obstacle,
It does not affect the safety;
The maintenance and use of barrier free;
The spare parts maintenance and repair without obstacles
If there is no mandatory force parts;
I have no easy to cause the leak;
The increase will not cause vibration, and resonance phenomenon;
Fault does not occur during start and stop and parking;
Do not use to buy materials;
Without the use of hard materials;
Meet economy, equipment and so on.

The above conditions must be fully satisfied.

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