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The precautions of stainless steel plate in storage and processing transportation

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When storing stainless steel plate, it should be placed on a special storage rack. The storage rack should be wood or surface painted carbon steel support or underlying rubber pad, so that it can be separated from other metals such as carbon steel and so on. When storing, the storage location shall be conveniently hoisted and divided into other materials storage areas, and there must be some protective measures to prevent dirt and oil contaminants from polluting the stainless steel.

The hoisting of stainless steel plate, to use special sling, sling, such as special clip, prohibit the use of wire rope to avoid scratching the surface, but also in the lifting and placing, try to prevent shock bump cause scratches.

When transporting stainless steel materials, we should use the means of transportation to keep the material clean and isolated, not to drag and drag, and not to be scratched and hurt.

It is necessary to pay attention to the processing of stainless steel materials. First is the processing area, and the processing area of the stainless steel parts is relatively fixed. Isolation measures should be used for the platform of stainless steel parts, such as rubber pads. Management and processing stainless steel production should be strengthened to prevent damage and pollution of stainless steel. The second is the blanking, the cutting of stainless steel parts by cutting or plasma cutting, sawing and so on.

The third is cutting, in shearing, to be separated from the support, and the hopper should also be laid on rubber pads to prevent the scratch of stainless steel material. The fourth is to clean the slags after plasma cutting. In the process of batch cutting, the finished parts should be cleaned in time so as to prevent the pollution of the workpiece. When cutting the material, the clamp should be protected by the rubber, and the oil and residue on the stainless steel workpiece should be cleaned after sawing.

When machining stainless steel, stainless steel parts should also be protected when machining, such as vehicle and milling. After finishing operations, oil stains, iron scraps and other debris should be cleaned up.

In the process of stainless steel plate forming, in the process of rolling and bending, it is necessary to use effective methods to prevent the scratch of the surface of stainless steel parts.

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