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The problems existing in the outlet flange solution measures should be taken

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Flange manufacture is a kind of forging industry, because the forging industry is environmental pollution, such as production will emit a lot of poisonous and harmful gas, will also release a lot of dust, in some advanced countries, requirements and regulations for the production is more, as a result, such as flange production forging industry mostly focused on developing a large number of production more. But in the international market, the demand for flange is larger, so the flange import export become one of the “industry in the world.
In export flange which on the one hand, India has bigger superiority, because India’s human resources are very rich, processing the raw material of flange has very abundant, thus occupying the price is relatively cheap advantage, most of the flange on the international business from India. And this kind of situation, flange has brought great impact on China’s export. Wenzhou city of zhejiang province in our country are mainly processing flange and accounted for seventy-five percent of domestic exports of flange in the majority. At present is affected by the Indian market, wenzhou city export flange is evident in the downward trend.
At present, the flange production situation appeared two outer situation, most rely on outsourcing is a raw material, the second is the product most depend on export. In view of the above situations, now mainly introduce the problems existing in the outlet flange of solving measures should be taken.
Measures above one, said the flange production and export of raw materials want to rely on outsourcing situation at present, the production of products to export situation, the local government should timely adjust the enterprise’s management pattern, the structure of the assets of appropriate optimization, for example can take enterprise assets reorganization, or is the way to create a group, is the production of products in the international competitiveness. Then there is the firm’s ability to resist risks further strengthened.
Measures on the development of flange forging industry, local government should take comprehensive consideration of the way, to make full of international and domestic market investigation, don’t appear in the production of blind phenomenon. Export quantity and quality of the flange must meet the requirements of the international market, make reasonable reserve flange processing equipment, is all sorts of unnecessary waste dropped to the lowest.
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