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Rolling seamless elbow materials are tubular billet, round tube embryo through cutting machine cutting the growth degree of billet is about one meter, and the conveyor belt to the furnace heating. Billet are fed into the furnace heating, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius, fuel for hydrogen or acetylene, furnace temperature control is a key problem. Circular tube billet after going through pressure punch wear empty. General is one of the more common punch is tapered roller puncher, this kind of punch high production efficiency, product quality good, large amount of perforated hole enlargement, can wear a variety of pipe fittings.

After perforation, circular tube billet has been three-roll skew rolling, rolling or extrusion. To take off after extruding tube sizing and sizing mill by taper drill bits high-speed steel into embryo punch, form fitting. Pipe diameter by sizing mill bit length to determine the diameter. Pipe after sizing, into the cooling tower, by water spray cooling, pipe after cooling, will be straightening. Pipe by the conveyor belt to the metal detection after straightening machine (or water pressure experiment) for internal inspection. If the steel pipe internal crack, air bubble, will be detected. Seamless elbow pipe fittings quality through rigorous after manual pick. Seamless elbow pipe fittings quality inspection, after spray paint on the serial number, specification, batch number, etc. Seamless elbow and by crane into the warehouse.

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