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The production technology of pipe tee

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pipe tee is a kind of industrial pipe fittings. It is mainly used to either combine or split a fluid flow. Most common tees have the same inlet and outlet sizes, but reducing tees are also available.

  Pipe tee is forming will be bigger than the three links of the diameter of the tube billet, flattening diameter size, about to tee at the site of the tensile branch open a hole; Tube billet heating, in the forming die, and within the tube billet load stretching pipe punching die; Under the action of pressure pipe by radial compression, the radial compression in the process of metal flow in the direction of branch pipe and branch pipe formed under tensile of progressive die. The whole process of the pipe is made by the radial compression and branch pipe drawing process and forming parts. Unlike hydraulic bulge forming tee, branch pipe pipe tee metal is of the pipe by the radial motion compensation, so also known as the radial compensation technology.

  Due to adopt heating after pressing pipe tee, material forming required equipment tonnage is reduced. Hot pressing tee with wider adaptability of material, is suitable for low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials; Especially large diameter and wall thickness of tee, usually use this forming process.

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