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The reason for the performance of stainless steel pipes in refining furnace are stronger than that of medium frequency furnace

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At present, there are mainly two kinds of stainless steel pipes smelting furnaces on the market. They are mainly refining furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces. The quality of stainless steel pipes produced by them is obviously different, and the stainless steel pipes produced by refining furnaces are superior in performance.

What is the refining furnace?

Refining under standard atmospheric environment of stainless steel materials, stainless steel is blown into the molten steel in need of oxygen at the same time, but also blowing inert gas argon and nitrogen, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide content, to minimize the carbon content levels of the chemical composition of stainless steel materials, oxidation and blowing inert gas can effectively inhibit chromium the composition of stainless steel.

So the advantages of the stainless steel pipes in the refining furnace are that the carbon content is very low, the impurity in the steel is very little, and the favorable elements such as chromium can be well preserved. Therefore, the stainless steel pipe produced by refining furnace has high ductility, which can completely meet the processing requirements of complex stainless steel pipes such as bending, bending, flaring and necking. Less impurities can also make stainless steel pipes have higher polishing performance.
If the smelting furnace is formed by the AC magnetic field, a production process and the raw material heating furnace for steelmaking, its drawback is in steelmaking can not effectively reduce the carbon content of the chemical composition of stainless steel, unable to get rid of impurities, so the use of intermediate frequency furnace smelting production of stainless steel strip processed into stainless steel pipe ductility is poor, processing bending round, bending, expanding and necking of the performance is poor, the pipe impurity content in chemical composition is high, therefore can not meet the requirements of fine polishing processing.
Although the production of stainless steel pipe furnace performance is relatively poor, but because of the price than the production of stainless steel refining furnace pipe cheaper such stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe production now if furnace stainless steel pipe still exist in the market, and both appear difference is not very obvious, but for product performance and price considerations, furnace production of stainless steel refining pipe or the best choice to use more reliable, rest assured.
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