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The structure characteristics and disadvantages of flat welding flange

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Flat welding flange is a kind of disc parts, the most common in the pipeline engineering, flanges are used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, the flange is mainly used for pipe connection. In need of connecting pipes and all kinds of installation of a flange, the low pressure pipe flange can use silk, the use of more than 4 kg pressure welding flanges. By sealing point between two slices of butt weld flange, bolt. And then have different thickness and different stress of flange use different plug.
Flat welding flange not only saves space, reduce weight, more important is to ensure that the joint parts will not leak, has good sealing performance. Compact flange size is reduced, was due to the decrease of the diameter of the seal, it will reduce the sealing surface of cross section. Second, the flange gasket has been replaced by sealing ring, to ensure that the sealing face sealing surface matching. Thus, in order to close cover only need a small pressure. As the pressure required to reduce, the size of the bolt and the required quantity can be reduced accordingly, so the final design out a small volume and light weight (70% ~ 80% reduction in weight than traditional flange) of new products. So flat welding flange flange products, a more excellent quality and reduce the space, has played an important role in industrial applications.
Flat welding flange of main design drawback is that it does not guarantee no leakage. This is its design: the deficiency of the connection is dynamic, and such as thermal expansion and the ups and downs of cyclic load can create the flange surface between the moving, affect the function of the flange, to destroy the integrity of the flange is damaged, eventually lead to leakage. Any product may not have the flaw, not just the lack of control products to a minimum as far as possible, so the company in the production of flat welding flange to improve the performance of the product as far as possible, make it play a biggest role.
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