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The types and specifications of stainless steel angle bar

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Stainless steel angle bar is mainly divided into sides stainless steel angle bars and sides stainless steel angle bars two categories, which not sides stainless steel angles and divided into equal thickness and equal unequal thickness two.
Stainless steel angle bar specifications expressed by the side and edge thickness size. At present domestic stainless steel angle bar specifications for 2 – 20, to the length of a few centimeters to unsigned, with stainless steel angle bars often 2 – 7 kinds of different edge thickness. The actual size and edge imported stainless steel angle bar marked on both sides of the thickness and indicate the relevant standards. General length of 12.5 cm above for large stainless steel angle bars and medium-sized stainless steel angle bar between 12.5 cm, 5 cm, length 5cm below for small stainless steel angle bars.
The import and export of stainless steel angle bar orders to use commonly required in the specification, the steel is carbon steel steel corresponding. The stainless steel angle bar in addition to standard number, no specific composition and performance series.
Stainless steel angle bar delivery length. Length, double length two, domestic stainless steel angle bars set feet range 3 – 9m, 4 – 12M, 4 – 19m, 6 – 19m four range according to different specifications, respectively. The Japanese production of stainless steel angle bar length ranges from 6 to 15m.
Scalene stainless steel angle bar section height according to the long side of the equilateral angle bar to calculate the width of stainless steel.
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