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High pressure flange is used very widely, but its quality requirements are very high, traditional high pressure flange: is the seal (oval gasket, octagon gasket, gasket, etc.) pad plastic deformation to achieve sealing effect and connected to the end of the tube, pipe and the pipe are mutually connected parts, there are holes on the flange, stud the two flange are closely linked.
High pressure flange in use, has a good role and value, the premise is to be in accordance with the appropriate method to use, in the installation of the first to follow the guidance of the expert to install, in order to better guarantee the use value, better service life. Second, during the installation, the sealing pad is not allowed to replace the ordinary gasket, must choose the appropriate sealing pad to ensure the best sealing effect.
5 characteristics of high pressure flange
1, sealing principle belongs to plastic deformation
2, by bolt connection
3, bolt to bear the tension, temperature stress, and bear the bending moment, torque, etc.
4, bulky, heavy weight, installation position is very difficult.

5, the sealing performance is not stable, especially in the harsh (high temperature, high pressure, medium is highly toxic), prone to leakage, resulting in serious consequences.

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