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The welding method of stainless steel lap joint stub end

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We know that stainless steel lap joint stub end size is not the same, in accordance with the stainless steel welding flanging unique place, we minimize the heat input, so we need to adopt the manual electric arc welding and argon arc welding of the two kinds of welding methods to deal with, then introduce stainless steel lap joint stub end welding requirements.

First of all, if by manual arc welding, then DC reverse, if you need to use the argon arc welding DC, we should remember these two kinds of connection; we must be in before welding wire for stainless steel wire brush to get rid of the oxide skin on the surface, while washing with acetone; if in argon the welding nozzle, the diameter of 2.5mm, tungsten tungsten bowl, with 2.5mm specifications; argon arc welding of stainless steel lap joint stub end, the back must be filled with argon protection, in order to ensure back forming. Using the method of local filling in the pipeline, the flow rate is 5-14L/min, the positive argon flow rate is 12-13L/min.

To prevent the precipitation of carbide sensitization and intergranular corrosion, we need to strictly control the layer temperature and cooling rate after welding, welding interlayer temperature controlled at 60 DEG C, the welding must be carried out after the water treatment immediately, at the same time by welding, this stainless steel welding flange complete.

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