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The welding of stainless steel pipe fittings

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The welding of stainless steel pipe fittings is a strong technical work. Only absolutely guarantee the quality of weld to ensure the safety of use. For welding of stainless steel pipe work to strictly comply with the requirements stipulated in the specification. Of stainless steel pipe welding should take the following several parts: joint, group, welding rod, welding process, welding technology, welding inspection, etc.
Welding interface, should according to the stainless steel pipe wall thickness to choose the appropriate joint type. On the machine or by hand file method processing good pipe groove.
Group of welded joint, the gap between the pipe end can be according to the requirements given in table 5-3, the stainless steel tube joint hi-lo shall meet the following requirements:
Wall thickness 15 mm or less, hi-lo 0.5 mm or less;
Wall thickness > 15 mm, hi-lo 1 mm or less.
Axis for the two tube group, should be in a straight line, the deviation should not be more than 1/1000.

Joint group special fixture can be used for fashion fixed location, after waiting for spot welding to dismantle the fixed frame. Before welding, the groove and around 10 ~ 20 mm stainless steel pipe surface should be clean up dirt, soil, and rusty spot and moisture. To ensure welding quality, welding, shall check and make sure there are no cracks in the spot welding, such as a crack should be eliminated, while in the butt end grinding wheel grinding into a gentle slope. Each welding in the process of stainless steel pipe welding line shall be examined for cracks, uneven place inside the lap welding electrode and welding are used grinding wheel grinding into a gentle slope after welding. Process of welding all conditional should make joint rotating flat, so that we can ensure the weld quality. The selection of electrode and welding technology is good or bad, directly affect the quality of weld.

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