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Everyone know large (large diameter) stainless steel flange processing and transportation are the need for welding process, but because of the toughness of the stainless steel flange is poorer, if direct welding process, welding deformation is bound to, affect the overall performance of the flange. So according to the welding deformation of the stainless steel flange, here share with you how to ensure the flange after welding of stainless steel product performance.
Usually refers to stainless steel flange welding deformation, including two aspects: one is the processing before the welding deformation of blank is processed for stainless steel flange and vessel compound welding when the welding deformation. Deformation of the former besides literature described two kinds of deformation, there are stainless steel flange section distortion and change of ovality stainless steel flange ring; In addition to the literature, the latter deformation of two kinds of deformation, still exist on the surface of the stainless steel flange Angle deformation and the change of the stainless steel flange ovality. Both in the former and the latter, education affects the flange welding processing and use. Therefore, it is important to prevent welding deformation of the flange.
Enough margin to scrap ware, according to our long-term production practice experience, to prevent the deformation, mainly from the following several aspects. First is groove machining: stainless steel flange flat-fell seam should be processed into groove shape, large diameter welding blank flange welding, can make full use of the material, considering the manufacturing process of its corresponding standards, clearly stipulated in the “lunch with the steel plate welding is allowed,” and then to make 100% flat-fell seam nondestructive inspection milk can. Welding of stainless steel flange, general machining process is: the row of shallow gas cutting blanking and bevel cutting, sanding groove and the French who, according to the technological requirements flat-fell seam welding, flange a nondestructive inspection, correction to eliminate stress a machining heat treatment.
In addition, the blank flange of stainless steel welding process, welding sequence does not occur right or as the corresponding anti-deformation measures, lead to the stainless steel flange deformation is too large, all of these in the usual manufacturing process to avoid.

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