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Thread step and methods of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Thread step and methods of stainless steel pipe fittings are as follows:
The thread sets before the first choice corresponds to the diameter of the die, according to sequence number 4 will die to turn into the hinge plate die chamber. Prior to loading, pay attention to the hinge plate on the iron sweep.
The pipe clamp is clamped firmly on the stainless steel pipe fittings, the stainless steel pipe fittings are in a horizontal state, and the pipe ends extend out of the pipe pressing pliers about 150mm. There shall be no attention orifice oval, oblique mouth, burr and flaring defects.
3 after the card claws sliding handle 9 release, the hinge plate is sheathed in the pipe, then turn the rear clamping claws sliding handle, hinge plate fixed on the end of stainless steel pipe fittings, die elastic handle 6 to the end, and the activities of the underlying disk 4 alignment fixed disc 2 with diameter corresponding to the scale, make them coincide with diameter, final tightening standard disc fixed handle 5.
(4) operation, the first station at the end of the tube of front side, facing the pressure of pipe clamp, legs a splayed, hand pressed hinge plate, and force to move forward, the other hand holding the handle 7, according to a clockwise direction pulled the hinge plate until the hinge plate after wearing buckle pipe, then going sideways station in pressure pipe clamp side, a handle is wrenched. Manual stainless steel pipe fittings.
Fifthly, began to thread sleeve, action should be slow, steady, operator attention to coordinate with each other, not overexert, so as not to set the thread and the stainless steel pipe fitting misalignment caused by eating buckle, partial deduction, to be set into the two buckle, for lubricating and cooling die, to continuously to the cutting position drops into the lubricating oil.
The set of process in depth should not be too deep, set end again, adjust a subscript disk, increase the amount of feed, and then set it again. General requirements: nun DN25 within the stainless steel pipe fittings, can be a set of screw: DN25 ~ DN40mm of stainless steel pipe fittings, should be set into the two times; DN50nuin more than the stainless steel pipe fittings, to be divided into 3 sets of the system.
Seventhly, the handle is wrenched, the best is operated by two people, action to coordinate, so that not only the operation is labor-saving and avoid defects of the generating set of the thread and the stainless steel pipe fitting are not concentric. Set DN 15 ~ DN20n. Stainless steel pipe fittings, a can be wrenching 90 sets of slightly larger diameter pipe thread, a wrenching 60 degrees, set of DN50nuii or above DN50nuii stainless steel pipe fittings, depending on the actual need to increase manpower, but also to increase the number of pull.
And eighthly, when processing thread to close to the specified length, side pulled the handle 7, one side should be slowly loosen die elastic handle 6, and release side edge of a 2 – 3 deduction, to make thread the end of a set of a taper.
To set the thread exit end hinge plate, the hinge plate shall not reverse back, so as not to damage the die and thread or cause arbitrary deduction.
The threaded sleeve is good, with connections to try, with 2 to 3 hand can be screwed into the buckle. Such as that of the screw loose, connected after the poor tightness and thread quickly by medium corrosion of stainless steel pipe fittings; as of the thread tight, connection, easy to burst pipes, or because most of the pipe thread dew in outside of the pipe, and reduce the coupling strength. The requirements of high tightness under the condition of gradually available method of releasing die elastic handle, increase the thread taper.
Electric) set of filaments, “short silk” and “crooked wire,, filament, generally used for radiator and the stainless steel pipe fitting pipe connected, at one end of the short thread, at the other end of the short thread 2.5 to 3 times the long thread, do not need to any taper.
Stainless steel pipe screwed into the plate clamping wire “short silk head”, also known as Lady Gaga, is refers to the length of less than 100mm, at both ends of the threaded tube, so short to the tube clamp pressure, is not by the hinge sleeve thread: this can be the first in a long stainless steel pipe fittings of a short thread, then according to the length of the section is a short thread pipe head, and the threaded end is connected with a pipe hoop stainless steel pipe, and then connected with a pipe hoop stainless steel pipe is fixed on the bench, so that you can in a short tube at the other end of a thread: finally, the both ends of a thread tube removed, “short silk head” set of finished.

In installation of stainless steel pipe fittings, when the branch for slope, and in case of connection thread is not correct, sets of threads corresponding skew, commonly known as “twisted wire. Crooked wire the maximum not more than 15 DEG crooked wire “set of method is: hinge plate set into the one, two button, the card claw handle according to the need of skewness slightly loosen the standard disc to the side of the inclined cutting can be.

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