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What are the uses of a stainless steel sight glass

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Nowadays, industrial automation is becoming more and more common today, and in production, a well-made vision Sight Glass is indispensable. A stainless steel Sight Glass is a product that is installed on a pipe or device to check the work of the internal materials at any time.

The stainless steel viewing Sight Glass is a visual Sight Glass made from the main material, such as 304/316/321/316l. It has high corrosion resistance and easy to process and beautiful appearance.

In the meantime, the Sight Glass is made of steel boron silicate glass and polyethylene teflon gasket. It is suitable for the most severe working environment. And the service life is longer.

Due to its compact structure, it is easy to install, easy to use, easy to clean and repair. It is the most commonly used type of Sight Glass.

The stainless steel equipment is used in pressure vessels, chemical towers, etc., and the stainless steel pipe is used in chemical, petroleum, power and other pipelines.

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