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What are the functions and characteristics of hot rolled stainless steel plates

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According to the different production and processing technology, the mainstream stainless steel plate includes two kinds, the hot-rolled stainless steel plate and the cold rolled stainless steel plate. Next, the role and application advantages of the hot-rolled stainless steel plate are described below.

The characteristics of the hot rolled stainless steel plate are three points. First, the hardness of the hot rolled stainless steel plate is low, it is easy to process, and the ductility of the plate is excellent. The second is the strength of hot rolled stainless steel plate is relatively low, the surface quality of the board slightly worse, such as oxidation and low smoothness problems, but the plastic is relatively good, can be made of steel plate, cold rolled plate processing has the advantages of strength, hardness and high surface smoothness, if made of stainless steel can be made of sheet stamping sheet.

The third point is that the mechanical properties of hot-rolled stainless steel plate are much lower than that of cold working, but also worse than forging, but the toughness and ductility of such steel plate are excellent.

The role of hot-rolled stainless steel plate is quite common. The first part is to make structural steel for processing common structural steel and welded structural steel, mainly used to produce steel structures, bridges, ships and vehicles.

The second is that it can become weathering steel. By adding special elements (such as phosphorus, copper, carbon, etc.), hot rolled stainless steel plate will have excellent corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance. It can be used to make containers, special vehicles, and also can be used as building structures.

The third one is used for automobile structural steel, because hot-rolled stainless steel plate can be made into high strength steel plate with excellent welding performance, which is used to make automobile steel plate.

The fourth role is to make special hot rolled steel. The general mechanical structure uses carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials, through heat treatment engineering to carry out the production of various mechanical parts.

Hot rolled stainless steel plates or cold rolled raw materials are used to produce various cold rolled products, including CR, GI and color coated plates.

In addition, the material can also be made into steel plate for high pressure vessel, because its processability and compressive strength are quite good, so it is suitable for producing high-pressure gas pressure vessel filled with LPG, acetylene gas and various gases under 500 content.

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