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What are the general requirements of pipe fittings in petrochemical industry

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What are the general requirements of pipe fittings in petrochemical industry
(1) the valve and other static sealing joints should be installed in the vicinity of the satinless steel pipe support point;
(2) in addition to the special requirements of the process, the tower, reactor, vertical vessels and other equipment in the skirt of the pipe shall not be arranged on the flange and threaded joints;
(3) machine pump lubricating oil system of satinless steel pipe, conveying solid deposition and slagging medium satinless steel pipeline shall be divided into sections and is provided with flanges. satinless steel pipe elbow not lubricating oil pump system each section of the satinless steel pipeline on more than 2;
(4) the end of the lubricating oil system of the machine pump lubricating oil system;
(5) the different diameter satinless steel pipes on both sides of the regulating valve should be close to the control valve;
(6) with different diameter flange connection, the transmission medium to large caliber caliber should be brought to.
(7) elbow should be selected curvature radius equal to 1.5 times the nominal diameter of the long radius elbow; gas transportation of solid and liquid solid two phase flow material of satinless steel pipe shall be used in the large curvature radius of elbow;
(8) province corridor level adjustable satinless steel pipe connection, if no special requirements, should use the end flat eccentric different diameter satinless steel pipe, vertical satinless steel pipe should be selected concentric different diametersatinless steel pipe;
(9) for the centrifugal pump suction level, when the entrance satinless steel pipe diameter, should be set in eccentric different diameter satinless steel pipe near the pump at the entrance. When the satinless steel pipeline from the down to the upward progress of the pump, should be used to install flat, when the satinless steel pipe from the pump down into the pump, it is appropriate to use the bottom flat;

(10) flange should not be directly connected with the elbow without straight satinless steel pipe;

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