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Outlet flange in the country, it is better to open an effective way to the flange of the market. But face it, although Chinese exporters in this respect has done a lot of hard work, but the prospects for export flange, it is not very optimistic. So what hinders the road outlet flange do, where we make a brief introduction:
First, the rise in raw materials is the direct cause obstruction outlet flange, at present, we can say the price of the raw material has been produced flanges in a rising trend, many manufacturers affected by this, the only constant outlet flange raise prices , will win some profits. But the face of the international market, which existed for serious competition, manufacturers in the similar imported products, to ensure the quality of the case, of course, to the price-based, and this respect for Chinese exporters is very unfavorable .
Second, the competition more intense and exporting countries. Currently, the flange of production is mainly concentrated in developed countries, such as India or South Korea. These countries produce flanges advantage of the situation than, for example, is rich in raw materials, the value of labor is relatively low, and so on. So these countries on the production of the flange has become China’s production of flange manufacturers the most direct rival. And in general, our country is weak.
Third, management of most enterprises do not pay attention flange outlet flange work. This occurs because of one of these manufacturers understand that in this regard our country and there is no obvious advantage, in order to occupy the international market is not an easy thing. Second, ideas relatively conservative leaders of these companies, not actively fight for the right to import and export flange products. In China only a few manufacturers through the ISO9000 international quality system certification. So in this regard, our country is the initiative to abandon the international market situation.

Fourth, even though they have achieved export qualified flange manufacturing enterprises, because in management, backward, export flange in the international competitiveness is also at a disadvantage. It should be said outlet flange of these enterprises, in production operations and management, logistics management, even with the production site management, in addition to their existing operational experience in doing outside, did not meet scientific operation and management, This relatively prone to problems affecting the flange of this commodity in the international competitiveness.

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