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What are the trace elements in the stainless steel reducer

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The iron element in stainless steel reducer by iron, steel, molybdenum steel materials, such as silicon, vanadium element materials.
The chemical composition of iron, steel material which occupies most of the position, and other basic material is the formation of iron and steel in this kind of material time will form a solid melting iron, after annealing the formation of a small amount of metal material.
Iron element if it is stainless steel material, then add the bearing in the cold will be thick impersonal, it certainly isn’t stainless steel iron, steel material is rough, stainless steel iron, steel materials are classified, simple said several Crl7, Cr25 Cr28 still has a lot of won’t go to the said.
Stainless steel reducer used in what place?
1, when the fluid flow in pipes have change, such as increasing or decreasing, velocity requirements haven’t changed much, all needs to use stainless steel reducer.
2, the inlet of pump, in order to prevent cavitation, requires a stainless steel reducer.
3, and instrumentation, such as flow meter, the regulator shall, in order to cooperate with the joint of the instrument, also need to use stainless steel reducer.
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