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What is the high temperature alloy?

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What is the high temperature alloy?

High temperature alloy is also called hot strong alloy, super alloy. The materials can be divided into three groups: iron, nickel and chromium. According to the production method can be divided into the deformation of high temperature alloy and cast high temperature alloy

Classification according to the matrix elements, high temperature alloy is divided into iron, nickel base, cobalt base and other high temperature alloy.
Scope of application: General for aero engine manufacture of resisting high temperature materials, especially jet engine last two stage compressor and first two stage turbine blades, a combustion chamber, afterburners, manufacture of turbine disc, turbine blades and fasteners. Is an important strategic material, the aviation powers are under the condition of extremely confidential.
Advantages: high temperature alloy should has high creep strength and creep rupture strength (see creep), good thermal fatigue and mechanical fatigue properties (see fatigue), good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance of gas and stable organization, which the creep strength and creep rupture strength is most important.
The properties of high temperature alloy are closely related to the microstructure of the alloy, and the microstructure is controlled by the heat treatment of the metal. High temperature alloy is generally required after heat treatment. Solution treatment and aging treatment of precipitation strengthened alloy.
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