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What is the PN of the stainless steel flange

PN is the nominal pressure is MPa, said the unit in the international system of units, in the engineering unit system is kgf/cmThe nominal pressure of determine not only according to the maximum working pressure, according to the maximum operating temperature and material characteristics, rather than simply meet the nominal pressure greater than the pressure of work. 

Stainless steel flange and a parameter is DN, and DN is parametric representation of stainless steel flange size.

Use special stainless steel flange manufacturers share stainless steel flange structure:
Stainless steel flat welding flange: used for medium conditions more relaxed, such as low non clean compressed air, low pressure circulating water and its advantages are relatively cheap price.
Stainless steel butt welding flange: a kind of the most commonly used, it and the pipe butt welding connection, welding joint quality is better, and the neck of the stainless steel flange using taper transition can withstand harsh conditions;
Stainless steel socket welding flange: stainless steel used in PN is less than 10.0MPa, DN is less than or equal to 40 in the pipeline;
stainless steel loose flange: commonly used in medium temperature and pressure are not high and medium corrosive condition.
When the corrosive medium is strong, stainless steel flange contact with the medium part (flange short) for high-grade corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel material, and the external is the use of low grade materials such as stainless steel flange ring clamp it in order to achieve sealing;
Overall: stainless steel flange is often stainless steel flanges and equipment, pipes, fittings and valves are made into a whole, this type of equipment and valves used in.
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