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Flange on some professional connection is one of the very common parts, whether it’s part of the equipment connections, or the whole pipeline connection, they all need to use this part to the flange. Water pump connection is a part of the connection, this time will need to use the stainless steel flange parts. Flange can be used in many types of connection, a little small connection valves, large connection like pipeline engineering.
First, the flange gasket material
The vast majority of the flange gasket is never is a chunk of metal material cutting down above, the production and the flange gasket is also need by those very professional manufacturers. Production need according to certain size because the gasket is combined with flange, so size to match the flange.
Stainless steel flange gasket materials species diversity, asbestos, rubber sheet, asbestos board has, and polyethylene this synthetic material. In addition to non-metallic materials and some metal materials gaskets, where metal materials are very thin metal plate (material, such as galvanized sheet and stainless steel.
Second, combined flange gasket
Want more good sealing performance, you will need to make their own installed for use. Of metal gasket is made and some nonmetallic material similar to that of asbestos, of this package them together is the metal package gaskets. In addition to the gasket and a spiral wound gasket. When the gasket stainless steel flange connection is also very common. This is the use of thin steel tape material and asbestos tape wrapped together is made and be become.
Third, flange gasket suitable occasion
Different flange gasket can be used in different environments, some common rubber gasket can be used in the environment of temperature is not particularly high, generally need to temperatures below one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius. In stainless steel flange connection of asbestos rubber gaskets are also common, their use in need of water vapor temperature below four hundred and fifty degrees Celsius.

When flange connection oil temperatures below three hundred and fifty degrees, the pressure will be less than five million mpa. Those who have the corrosion performance of pipe connection in addition to the need to use to stainless steel flange, corrosion resistance of the gasket is required. Asbestos plate gasket is a very good choice, because it can resist acid erosion of the flange.

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