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What should I do if the underground pipeline is broken?

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Open the underground pipeline all vents and electric fan, agile immediately ventilation, if the pipeline is gasoline transportation pipeline, so its large transpiration character, the risk of fire or explosion occurred the corresponding progress. Years of practical experience has proved that under normal temperature and pressure, a kilogram of gasoline can quickly transpiration of fourteen cubic meters of gasoline vapor. And the mixture of gasoline vapor from gasoline and air mixed together, the deflagration of oil and gas mixture increases exponentially.

Because once the transpiration, then it’s a great amount of gasoline vapor does not rise all set in the store nearby, composed of dozens of square meters of area, the entire region covering the whole operation, it will immediately lead to touch once the fire burning or explosion. Under normal circumstances, the higher the concentration of gasoline explosion. According to foreign counterparts, gasoline vapor and air mixture at a ratio of one image will be so poisoning can lead to serious gasoline vapor; ten percent of the shares, within one hour, due to the impact of people’s eyes and tears; to twelve percent, a class hour wife’s eyes, nose, throat for the affected become particularly sad, will appear dizzy and blind performance; when the concentration reached seventeen percent, in fifteen minutes will be drunk and similar, if this time is not adopted, will show shock and death condition; when the oil and gas share at the ratio of two to one time, if people will soon touch the paralysis and death. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the operators, but also for the safety of underground pipeline repair, the underground pipeline is immediately necessary for rapid ventilation.

The rapid recovery of oil spills, buried sand consolidation underground pipeline on the oil to clean, the ground covered with sand save and repeat cleaning two times, and then save the rich oil sand and small sand sieving machine moved outdoors, at last evenly save half a CM sand layer.

In general, pipeline rupture is due to long-term use under the condition of the internal pipe accumulate a lot of water vapor, and the corrosion effect of corrosion of carbon steel in oil and gas, and then after a considerable period of time impact, wall thinning, end cracking.

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