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What to consider when you select pipe fittings?

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Various types of pipe fittings including adapter, slot fittings, plugs, rigid couplings, flexible couplings, 90 degrees elbow, 45 degrees elbow, reducing elbow, flange, pipe joints, concentric reducer, Eccentric reducer, reducing pipe tee / unequal tee, bullhead tee, union, standard yyes, reduced eye and more. The right fittings and flanges let your device do what you intend to do. You should select the correct connector for your application in the various connector types and sizes provided.

Considerations in common:

The completeness of the normal function of any accessory depends on the following factors:

Select the correct component or fitting for your application

Prepare and clean carefully

Carefully installed and assembled

Properly tighten and load

Choose your pipe fittings:

Consider the use of a pipe: for example, a barbed joint works better in a flexible pipe, and a compression joint works best at a rigid pipe.

Determining Material Compatibility: Material selection plays a critical role in the correct functioning of the fitting. Some fluids are incompatible with the accessory materials, and these accessories cause leakage or system damage. It is important to check the compatibility of your fluids with the materials of any chemicals.

Check temperature and pressure conditions: Proper operating conditions require proper temperature and pressure ratings. It is necessary to know whether the accessories can be executed at their maximum temperature and maximum pressure level, since most accessories can not perform both tasks at the same time.

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